Rebuilding Tuxedo Domains

When using the command line to rebuild a Tuxedo domain, there is a new flag to keep your settings:

The –keepfeatures switch in the following command was introduced in PeopleTools 8.54.

For example:

psadmin –c import [PS_CFG_HOME] –d [old domain name] –n [new domain name] -keepfeatures

This came from the Best Practices guide for Mid-tier Deployment White Paper. At the end of the document, there is a good overview for the steps needed with a PeopleTools upgrade and the commands to help you script the upgrade.

Change Download to Excel Functionality

If you on PeopleTools 8.51.19, 8.52.08, or 8.53 and higher, this option can be added to you app server’s config file to change how the Download to Excel feature handles numeric columns. Without this parameter set, the leading zero’s in a column will disappear because Excel will treat those columns as integers. This parameter changes numeric columns to character fields so the leading zero’s remain. (1228354.1)