Reconnect 2016 – Day 3

Day 3 was the last day of the conference, and it was a busy one! With travel, and a presentation of my own, I didn’t get a chance to see everything I wanted to. I also didn’t get this post written until now because it took me 23 hours to get home(O’Hare was a mess due to weather), what a nightmare. That said, I had a great time. Here are my highlights from the last day.

Publishing PeopleSoft through WAP for AD FS Single Sign-on

  • This was my session.
  • Used Web Application Proxy as a rps for Supplier Portal.
  • Non-claims based pre-authentication done with AD FS using Kerberos.
  • Our Enterprise standard is SAML, so would like to use claims based pre-auth in the future.

REST Your Weary Head! Query can handle it!

  • HyperGen talked about REST and Query Access Services.
  • REST is a lot better now in 8.54 and 8.55.
  • Queries via QAS can be run Synchronously or Asynchronously.
  • QAS is a good quick and easy way to create REST web services.
  • If you have a more complicated web service, you may want to create your own message handler via App Packages.

Rethinking Excel to CI

  • Kevin Weaver talks about his alternative to ExcelToCI
  • His solution creates CI templates online instead of within Excel.
  • You upload a data sheet online and then process it in an App Engine.
  • You can find this and more on his blog –

PeopleSoft Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0

  • Vlad from GNC walks us through his great SSO solution.
  • This uses an IdP-initiated SSO profile.
  • Built an Assertion Consumer Service in Signon PeopleCode
  • Uses openSAML Java package to do the validation.
  • His slides had a ton of code snippets.

PeopleTools Product Panel

  • A panel of Oracle employees discuss PeopleTools.
  • MS Office will be removing ActiveX from there products soon.
  • The Finance team will be delivering a new solution for Journal Upload and other solutions that use XmlLink. Most likely using IB(similar to ExcelToCi?).
  • Talked more about Cloud Manager.
  • Will be used in Oracle private cloud at first, then maybe other cloud providers, then maybe YOUR datacenter.
  • Will be placed within an Interaction Hub instance.
  • Elastic is coming soon, likely around patch 10.
  • Question about PS Admins needing Puppet skills.
  • Oracle will be getting the DPKs better, but you will need these skills to customize and fit your organization.

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