#74 – Killing COBOL

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan talk about planning PeopleTools and Catch-up projects, BI Publisher security, and how to turn off excessive BI Publisher logging. We also talk about slowly killing COBOL with PeopleSoft (it’s not dead yet) and using multiple Change Assistant installations. Show Notes Collaborate Sessions… Read More »#74 – Killing COBOL

#45 – Go-Live Weekends

This week Dan talks about his 8.55 Go-Live weekend, simplifying patch download with getMOSPatch, and using Kyle’s Maintenance Backdoor. Then Kyle and Dan discuss strategies and tips to make Go-Live weekends successful. We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If you have comments,… Read More »#45 – Go-Live Weekends

#34 – psadmin-plus

This week Kyle and Dan discuss the Diagnostic Plugin Framework, sourcing environment variables for PeopleTools, Kyle’s great new psadmin-plus project. Also, we find out who it a c:\temp person and who is a Desktop person. We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If… Read More »#34 – psadmin-plus

PS_APP_PATCH_HOME and Custom COBOL Compile

The delivered COBOL compile scripts support compiling each HOME individually, but we can’t combine homes into a single CBLBINA folder. Additionally, with PeopleTools 8.55 dropping support for PS_CUST_APP_HOME, we are using a custom PS_APP_PATCH_HOME folder in the layer between PS_CUST_HOME and PS_APP_HOME. To learn about PS_APP_PATCH_HOME, check out this video… Read More »PS_APP_PATCH_HOME and Custom COBOL Compile

All About COBOL

Time for everyone’s favorite language: COBOL! Well, it’s not my favorite, and probably not your favorite, but it is important to PeopleSoft. Many core programs in HR use COBOL and will most likely stay COBOL for a while. Those COBOL programs are stable, fast, and once you compile you rarely… Read More »All About COBOL