8.55 – Log Analyzer

The Log Analyzer is a new PeopleTools 8.55 tool that helps you get more information from App Engine trace files. Log Analyzer is specific to analyzing App Engine traces. It feels like a simplified version of TraceMagic (a good thing!). If you have used TraceMagic for PeopleCode, or the Trace2SQL utility… Read More »8.55 – Log Analyzer

SES Troubleshooting

The SES, Secure Enterprise Search, is used by PeopleSoft 9.2 as it’s search engine. There are lots of great resources for setting up the SES, but I want to share one troubleshooting tip that has resolved many of our SES issues. Behind the scene, SES relies on the Feed Publishing… Read More »SES Troubleshooting

SMTP Telnet Test

We are standing up a new data center and users received SMTP errors while testing. We were able to ping the server so DNS lookup and network traffic was working. But we only had a generic SMTP error message. So, I fired up telnet and tested our SMTP connection using… Read More »SMTP Telnet Test


TraceMagic is a utility that gives PeopleSoft system administrators, programmers and support engineers the ability to quickly isolate performance bottlenecks in SQL Statements and/or PeopleCode functions. It accomplishes this by turning the text-based, time-ordered tracesql file into a sortable-grid display, allowing the user to quickly locate system performance issues. TraceMagic… Read More »TraceMagic