Enable Tuxedo Domain Features with the DPK

Since the DPK was released, there has a been a bug (for Windows) that is quite annoying. In the psft_customizations.yaml file, the feature_settings: section is supposed to turn Tuxedo domain features on or off. feature_settings: PUBSUB: “Yes” QUICKSRV: “No” QUERYSRV: “Yes” JOLT: “Yes” On Windows, these settings were ignored and… Read More »Enable Tuxedo Domain Features with the DPK

Rebuilding Tuxedo Domains

When using the command line to rebuild a Tuxedo domain, there is a new flag to keep your settings: The –keepfeatures switch in the following command was introduced in PeopleTools 8.54. For example: psadmin –c import [PS_CFG_HOME] –d [old domain name] –n [new domain name] -keepfeatures This came from the… Read More »Rebuilding Tuxedo Domains