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Paid is the premiere place to learn about PeopleTools and PeopleSoft Administration. Learn from top PeopleSoft Admins who work with the products every day.

Three types of courses

| Quickstart | Administering | Mastering |
|:-------------- |:-------------------------- |:-------------- |
| 1-2 Hours | Full Day | Multiple Days |
| [On-Demand][1] | [Live Virtual Training][2] | [On-Demand][1] |
| Free | Paid | Paid |

* **Quickstart** courses are designed to introduce you to a technology or feature.
* **Administering** courses are full day classes that prepare you to administer or implement a new technnology. Administrering courses are instructor led. We schedule classes most months and you can sign up anytime. If you want to
* **Mastering** courses are deep dives into a specific technology. The courses take multiple days (or weeks) to complete and allow you take move at your own pace. We offer Mastering courses with options for instructor calls so you can get hands-on time with a top PeopleSoft Admin.

Training is offered for organizations that want to train an entire team at once. The training is virtual so your team can be where they learn best, at home or in the office. We offer a different price for the Organization Training so you receive a discount for large teams, or you can share the training cost with another organization. Email or to learn more.

## Course Offerings

| Quickstart | Administering PeopleSoft | Mastering PeopleSoft |
|:------------------------ |:------------------------------------------- |:------------------------ |
| [Deployment Packages][1] | [Deployment Packages][2] | [Deployment Packages][3] |
|   | [Update Manager and Selective Adoption][2] |   |
|   | [Elasticsearch and the Search Framework][4] |   |

# Live Training Schedule

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