At OpenWorld, Oracle announced that PeopleTools 8.55 will support Elasticsearch with the Search Framework. Elasticsearch will most likely be the long-term replacement for SES. The only timeframe announced is 2016 for Elasticsearch support, so it won’t be available when PeopleTools 8.55 is released. So, don’t shut down that SES server yet! Elasticsearch is an open source search software. You can download Elasticsearch now and start playing with it today. For more info on PeopleTools 8.55 and discussion on Elasticsearch, check out The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast episode 2.

Update – May 1, 2015 Check out Episode 25 of The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast to learn more about Elasticsearch.

3 thoughts on “Elasticsearch”

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  2. Can’t wait for SES to die. I’ve never even got it working on our Windows infrastructure. We just plugged in Verity (shhh) as the Portal search engine for HCM9.2 and left it at that.

    Whilst not a strictly fair comparison, ElasticSearch = 28MB download. SES VMDK (part of 855 PI) = 15GB.

    1. We are pretty excited to get rid of SES too. We did get it working, but only turned on the minimum number of searches required for the application (e.g, Courses for ELM).

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