#16 – PI’s and DPK’s

This week, Kyle and Dan talk about the new DPK-based PeopleSoft Images and the two options for building a PeopleSoft Image. Dan shares how to get Drop Down Navigation in 8.55 and why that’s a good thing, and Kyle finds a unreleased feature in Change Assistant.

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13 thoughts on “#16 – PI’s and DPK’s”

  1. I found your podcasts and blog a few months back now and just wanted to reach out to thank you. I appreciate that you are taking the time to talk about these subjects. As a local developer/admin for very small team this helps to hear other peoples ideas and points of view. I hope you can keep this going.


  2. Currently we are on 8.53. Our organization is contemplating going to 8.55 over the 2016 Christmas break and plan to try setting the stylesheet back to Tangerine to retain the “classic” look. Going to fluid would be too much for our end-users to handle at this time.

    When doing the tools upgrade to 8.55, do you have to also do 9.2 application maintenance with the tools upgrade? Or, can you pick up the new stuff (8.54 + 8.55 related patches that were not taken when maintenance was applied earlier in the year) when you apply application maintenance the next time around?

    Thanks for the podcasts, they are very helpful.

    1. Hi John,

      Very good question. If I’m understanding your situation correctly, I think you should be fine upgrading just your tools to 8.55 and not needing any new application maintenance out of PUM. Obviously you will be missing some new tools related functionality but I doubt it would break anything. However, once on 8.55, as soon as you do apply maintenance out of PUM your dependencies could now include fixes you skipped before due to tools. So just keep that in mind.

      Side note, with the Christmas break timeline I would make sure you are prepared to turn around application maintenance fairly quickly after that tools upgrade. I know for us we tend to get busy with tax updates and 1099 maintenance after the holidays. Oh joy!

  3. Thanks Kyle…..I’m sure we will find out if we need to apply any maintenance. Usually in January, we pickup the first PI released for the tax update, extract that, then begin to apply HRMS maintenance, so HRMS would be the first of the applications to pickup 8.55 enhancements.

    1. Jeremy – I’m glad someone else is excited over an underscore! I always try to add an underscore in PUM package names and then it yells at me.

      1. Jeremy C. Radwan

        Same here … our naming convention for customized objects (including projects and packages) has always included the use of underscores. Not being able to use them in the package names really messed with our sorting and I’m glad they’ve added it back.

  4. Another note on using DPK that I found :

    When using the VCD PeopleTools base software and PeopleTools patches for installation, there is a prompt that asks if you want to select the server(s) to be installed. The choices are APP, BATCH, WEB, DB and FILE.

    Using the DPK to create only a TOOLS home with this command,
    ./psft-dpk-setup.ps1 -env_type midtier -deploy_only -deploy_type tools_home

    It creates a Tools Home with what looks like all five of the servers in the PT folder.

    Have you guys been able to create, say, only APP/DB, or only WEB using the DPK installation process by modifying the YAML file PSFT_CUSTOMIZATIONS?

    And….the underscore is a very welcome addition. No more running together of the project names.

    1. Interesting question. The psft_customizations.yaml file wouldn’t apply here; think of that file as defining how your web/app/batch should be configured (port numbers, min/max, etc).

      The psft-dpk-setup.ps1 script would control which files are deployed. If you open that script you can see what parameters are accepted in the script. I don’t see anything that let’s you control which component(s) you can deploy.

      BUT, in the Linux version of the script there is a parameter -domain_type that accepts all|appserver|prcs|pia. So, looks like the Windows PowerShell script doesn’t have feature parity with the Linux script… I wonder if we’ll see that fixed in 8.55.03. I filed a few DPK bugs and was told they are fixed in 8.55.03.

      1. So, I filed an SR for the missing -domain_type parameter in the Windows Bootstrap script. I’ll let you know what I hear.

        1. Thanks Dan…..I opened an SR with Oracle as well regarding the missing parameters. Let’s see if they come back with the same resolution.

          Another interesting thing I discovered about using VCD vs. DPK is that VCD has different file dates/sizes in the JRE and SETUP folders and SRC\CBL\MVS (which I don’t care about).

          In JRE, lots of file size differences and SETUP is missing a CCR folder that is present in VCD install.

          Also, in VCD, the CCR folder is populated, but not on the DPK side.

          I did a fresh install of 8.55 base + 8.55 VCD 03 with all server options and compare it to the DPK installed files.

          I’ve opened an SR about the differences as well.

          1. Hi John

            Apparently PeopleTools 8.55.03 was released 2/24 and added in the domain_type option in the PowerShell scripts. There are a bunch of DPK fixes in the .03 release. I’m pulling down the patch now and will give it a test today or tomorrow.

  5. using hcm 92 img 16 to deploy PS environment on virtual machine on linux
    for the purpose of testing apply people tool patch set, such as PT85508 , using standard VCD installation method

    after execute the setup script with psadm1 successfully completed, all the files under psoft_home\bin folder become 0 in size


    does anyone encounter the same issue or just me?
    can you advise how did you apply Peopletool patchset on peoplesoft environment deployed by DPK?

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